April Tip

U-POL Fillers - April 2013 April 17 2013

U-POL is a world leader in automotive refinish products, recognised globally with sales in over 100 countries. U-POL's comprehensive range of polyester fillers supplied with a suitable hardener, satisfy a worldwide demand for quality and performance utilising the latest advancement in resin technology. All products are available in a variety of innovative packaging solutions including patented filler bags and dispensers. 

U-POL's unique resin technology used in the manufacture of all bodyfillers ensure that all our fillers can be dry and wet sanded once FULLY cured. 

Our range includes:

  • Extra Smooth Body Filler : 
  • polyester body filler with good filling properties, smooth spreading with good adhesion. 
  • Extra Gold Extra Smooth Easy Sand Body Filler :
  •  multifunction polyester body filler suitable for a variety of substrates including galvanised, very smooth spreading with excellent adhesion and pinhole free
  • Isopon Metalik :
  • smooth spreading with good adhesion Aluminium filler made from aluminium flakes.
  • Flyweight Smooth Lightweight Body Filler : 
  • super lightweight, easy spreading and sanding polyester body filler ,even the next day.
  • ISOPON P38 Super Body Filler :
  • polyester body filler with good filling properties, smooth spreading and easy sanding. 
  • Top Stop Smooth Finishing Stopper :
  •  polyester finishing stopper suitable for a variety of substrates, very smooth spreading and pinhole free
  • Dolphin Brushable Very Fine Finishing Stopper :
  •  self levelling properties eliminate pinholes and small imperfections, ideal for filling stonechips and hail damage. Also available in high viscosity
  • Stronghold 706 Smooth High Adhesion Body Filler for Plastics :
  • ideal for flexible substrates such as bumpers, SMC & most plastics 
  • Fibral Sandable Glass Fibre Repair Paste: 
  • ideal for bridging holes, provides tough resistant gel coat finish.

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