• Perfect for runs of 25 to 1500 aerosols per day
  • Pre-gassed aerosols supplied, no need for gas station
  • Very easy to install and use 
  • Safe and reliable operation 

U-POL's new Custom Can Multi-Filling Machine station offers instant accurate and safe filling of aerosols. It is engineered for a very short cycle times and minimum clean-up of parts for a fast change over between product runs.

Custom Can aerosols incorporate a fan nozzle that provides a professional finish.

Production / Output:

  • Filling capacity: 200 aerosols per hour using one single operator
  • Two person operation increases output even further
  • Removable hopper size: 2.5L
  • Hopper is easily re-filled in-situ
  • Re-usable and removable filling hopper also serves as storage container
  • Ideal for filling a wide range of product viscosities

Safety Features:

  • Robust, durable and secure engineered machine casing
  • Tamper-proof door sensor allows filling operation only when the door is shut 
  • Filling process starts at the press of a button
  • Sensors ensure aerosol is replaced before allowing new filling cycle

Custom Can Specifications:

  • Machine weight: 55 kg 
  • Machine dimensions: H 1020mm x W 370mm x D 350mm
  • Fully complaint with regulations 


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