Substrate Preparation:

  • Do not apply to bare metal - must be applied over primer or existing 2-pack colour & scuffed
  • Always clean, scuffed surface with wax & grease remover
  • Do not apply over 1K primers or U-POL High #5 ... instead use a 2K urethane or epoxy primer,or etch primer such as U-POL Acid #8
  • Observe curing times on etch primers
  • Raptor is heat-curing and will re-flow uncured primer, allowing acid to bite into Raptor instead of the substrate
  • Do not apply over exposed OEM seam sealer or uncoated aftermarket seam sealers
  • Always coat with primer before applying Raptor. When in doubt use an adhesion promoter like U-POL Grip #4
  • To achieve a clean tape line, spray U-POL Grip #4 along tape edges before Raptor
  • To assure good adhesion, spray U-POL Grip #4 in areas that are difficult to scuff - under rails, between floor and side panels, etc.


  • Thinner coats = harder surface ... thicker coats = softer surface, reduced texture
  • Touch dry in less than 1 hour at 20°C, light duty cure in 2-3 days at 20°C and full cure in 5-7 days at 20°C
  • One coat will give up to 300 microns film build - 1 litre will cover 2-3m2 (22-32 square feet)
  • For higher build apply another coat after flash off period
  • To achieve a flatter textured harder surface Raptor can be reduced up to 10%
  • Raptor may be applied over itself after full cure for touch ups etc

Application over other liners:

  • As a general rule if any existing liner looks similar to Raptor in hardness and texture, you can apply Raptor over it
  • Do not apply Raptor over franchise bed liners like Rhino or other polyurethanes. Raptor over old epoxy bed liners is OK
  • Note that aged epoxy tends to get brittle and crack, we recommend grinding it down so the substrate starts to show through before applying Raptor
  • Thoroughly scuff existing bed liner and wipe down with wax & grease remover
  • If you can still see existing bed liner texture, it is not scuffed sufficiently